Building Cleaning Services

Choosing the Best Building Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Whether you have an apartment complex or an office building to keep in order, choosing the best building cleaning services in Los Angeles can be a struggle. There’s no end of options, but where are you likely to find quality commercial cleaning services? Nancie Brown & Associates is an independently owned and operated cleaning company that has provided the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond with high-standard cleaning and disinfecting services for over 33 years. Find out why our customized cleaning services for commercial buildings are the gold standard for the Golden State.

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

If you need a one-off cleaning crew to service your office, periodic visits by expert cleaners several times per year, or a commercial janitorial service to come by on a regular basis, Nancie Brown & Associates can help you. We are experienced in cleaning all sorts of facilities, including schools, restaurants, dealerships, offices, labs, theaters, stadiums, warehouses, religious centers, retail stores, and more. Our cleaning expertise and diligence will make your building a more healthy environment for your customers and employees, tenants, or other visitors. Our teams are trained in the safe and effective execution of many cleaning tasks, such as:

Building Cleaning and Janitorial Services Companies in Los Angeles

We know that, especially in Los Angeles, property managers and building owners can be under a lot of pressure to make sure their buildings are always looking their best. Building maintenance is a significant investment, and it’s important to make sure that money is going to be well spent. You want a cleaning company that has the equipment to do a thorough job, the professionalism to obtain all the necessary credentials and follow through on all their obligations, and the expertise to clean without any side effects, accidents, or other unfortunate incidents. 

In other words, you need a cleaning service like Nancie Brown & Associates.

  • Well-equipped: with well over three decades in business, we have acquired a great deal of specialist equipment to ensure that we can handle the specifics of any job we encounter. We also endeavor to keep our inventory up to date with the latest innovations. In addition to technical equipment, we also formulate our own cleaning products so that we can have the best products to work with our cleaning methods.
  • Professional: Nancie Brown & Associates is a professional cleaning service for Los Angeles. We’re licensed, bonded, and thoroughly insured to protect our company, our employees, and our clients. All of our cleaning crew members are directly employed by us; we never use day laborers or subcontractors. This means that we can guarantee a professional level of service, since all our cleaners go through extensive and ongoing training from our founder Nancie Brown. 
  • Expert: Cleaners are instructed in the safest, most effective ways of cleaning windows, floors, surfaces, and other areas, as well as in how to use our specialist equipment, and which cleaning products to use for best results. We also train our staff in cleaning for COVID-19 safety protocols and the correct use of PPE. Our goal is to create a work environment in which the work is safely, quickly, and effectively done, creating minimum disruption to your building’s operations. If you or our cleaning team’s supervisor are displeased with the quality of the work, the team will remedy this as soon as possible.

We offer green cleaning services, using environmentally friendly methods, if you desire. Many apartment buildings, for example, have children and pets that can be adversely affected by certain cleaning products. Nancie Brown & Associates is happy to work to your safety requirements.

To book a cleaning crew for your building, make arrangements through our website.