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If you have a retail store or restaurant, you may have an awning to maintain. Awnings can also be found in many different locations such as colleges, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of ways for them to get soiled in Los Angeles, whether it’s from airborne dirt, pollution, bird fouling, mold, or mildew. It’s important to keep it clean in order to prevent damage from shortening the useful life of the awning. Of course, a clean and attractive awning also has the advantage of looking appealing to visitors. When you’re looking for a professional awning cleaning service, you should consider Nancie Brown & Associates to be near the top of your list. Our long and illustrious reputation for high quality throughout Southern California has been earned job by job.


Professional Awning Cleaners

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The typical technique for cleaning an awning is the lowest possible setting on a pressure washer. It’s important not to damage the fabric itself. A common misconception that people have is that the process of cleaning the awning is what can cause damage. What is actually the case is that the fabric itself is corroded by pollutants and UV light. Once the pollutants are removed, the damage is revealed, and people associate the two as being linked. It’s also important to note that a cleaning service cannot do anything about rust or permanent stains. Don’t let dirt become deeply embedded in the fabric. Only a deep clean will get rid of that. To stave off permanent stains make sure you have your awning professionally cleaned once a month (or two at the most). If your awning is indoors and covering parking spaces, you should make allowances for more thorough cleaning, as there will be a lot of oily dirt and grime that needs to be removed. Luckily strong detergents can make headway with this. You should check that your awning cleaners know their stuff before agreeing to anything. Check that they have water-fed poles for cleaning hard to reach spots.


Nancie Brown & Associates: Cleaners of Los Angeles


Nancie Brown & Associates has over 30 years of experience cleaning awnings and more. Where other companies cut corners with insurance and subcontracted labor, we focus on delivering the highest quality service possible. We rigorously train our employees in an ongoing program to ensure that we have the most up-to-date techniques to go with our high-grade cleaning products and supplies. Our cleaners are quick, efficient, and conscientious. If you’d like to enquire about what we can do for your awning, get in touch with us on 310-837-7880.


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