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An auditorium is a place where people go, ironically, to lose themselves in imagining an area that isn’t an auditorium. Perhaps they’re in an exotic locale, or hundreds of years ago, or even in a fantasy world entirely unlike the one they live in. An auditorium does its job best when it does not interfere with a viewer’s desire to immerse themselves– in other words, when it doesn’t look, smell, or feel bad. The best way to make sure that an auditorium is doing its job is to ensure that it’s regularly cleaned. For your auditorium, choose a cleaning service with the experience, equipment, and time to successfully give the venue a thorough clean.


Why Auditoriums Need Cleaning


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Managing an auditorium requires a lot of consideration for general cleanliness and what people are bringing into the area. After all, some auditoriums might have as many as thousands of people coming in and out every day, bringing in sticky, sugary drinks, to say nothing of sticky candy and greasy, oily food like popcorn and nachos. The residue and odor of these can get onto people’s hands and from there onto the furniture, while people are sitting. When they get up, a lot of it can find its way onto the floor and get trodden in by hundreds of pairs of feet filing out, along with all the food waste that didn’t make it into people’s mouths. Any cleaning service hoping to tackle this need to use the correct antibacterial cleaning products that will sanitize floors and seats and also kill the odor of old food and beverages.


Hiring the Right People for the Job


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A choice that businesses need to make is whether they are going to trust their untrained in-house staff to detail the auditorium, or whether they are prepared to pay for a professional cleaning service to make informed choices about cleaning auditoriums based on the materials used in the furniture or floor. A professional service will guarantee that stubborn stains and odors will be dealt with, while untrained staff could be flummoxed by the more stubborn incidents. With patrons spending several hours at a time in an auditorium and often bringing their family or others they’re seeking to keep safe and happy, they will definitely notice where corners have been cut. Where possible, you should opt to put the extra effort into cleanliness and presentation so that your reputation doesn’t suffer. Look into a cleaning service with credentials that measure up: references from clients with similar needs that the company has previously worked with, and detailed information on the cleaning products that are available for use in their cleaning.


Nancie Brown: The Best in the Business

Nancie Brown & Associates is a cleaning contractor with over 30 years of experience working with residential and commercial clients. We’re proud of our status as the industry gold standard in Southern California, a position we’ve earned with our consistent commitment to exemplary cleaning. We only use trained, uniformed employees for our cleaning jobs, never subcontractors, and every one of our cleaners is personally trained by our founder Nancie Brown to ensure they are capable of representing our company at the same high standards we’ve upheld for three decades.


If you need an auditorium cleaning service, Nancie Brown & Associates are the optimal choice. Learn more about our capabilities at


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