The Biggest Commercial Cleaning Trends in 2021

Nancie Brown & Associates, as one of Los Angeles’ top professional cleaning companies, is paying close attention to the biggest commercial cleaning trends in 2021. If you’d like to know how commercial office cleaning services have adapted to the COVID pandemic, and what comes next, we can provide insight.

Trends for Commercial Office Cleaning Companies

Trends that we are prepared for in 2021 are related to the pandemic, of course, but also the importance of the commercial cleaning industry adapting to the new ways that businesses will be operating going forward, and the customized approaches they will seek.

  • Supply chain issues: Worldwide demand for supplies like PPE, cleaning materials, and associated products is still at a peak. As areas outside the US continue to struggle with COVID, this situation is unlikely to change any time soon. This shortage is felt at all levels of the supply chain, and building managers should strive to be flexible with regards to what cleaning supplies can be obtained at this time.  
  • Reopening/risk management: Businesses are starting to return to their pre-pandemic models, or versions of that model modified for staff and customer safety. We expect there to be widespread commitments to improvement in ventilation and indoor air quality, more touch-free restroom systems, and considerations for other high-touch areas such as doorways, ATMs, elevators etc.
  • New best practices: Bad cleaning is better than no cleaning at all, but to preserve the health of our colleagues and customers it’s best to adopt proper cleaning practices. Commercial cleaning companies have needed to develop customized cleaning methods to offer the best health outcomes, whether that is for office buildings, areas with construction activity, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, theaters, or other business locations. Going forward, it’s likely that the cleaning industry will trend towards training new employees in newly developed practices to optimize the use of disinfectants.
  • New developments in cleaning equipment: Advances in technology that seem likely to be more widely adopted include UVC lamps to disinfect areas, robotic cleaning devices for automated, standardized basic cleaning, disinfecting equipment (such as sprayers).
  • Increased focus on wellness: Cleaning programs by commercial cleaning services will probably have greater attention paid to cleaning to preserve the good health of employees and customers.

New Developments in the Janitorial Services Industry

Nancie Brown & Associates are committed to staying on the forefront of innovation in cleaning businesses. We have maintained our position as one of the premier cleaning companies in Los Angeles County for over 30 years because of our dedication to keeping pace with advances in cleaning technology and products. For example, we have taken steps to offer environmentally friendly ‘green’ cleaning services, especially for residential cleaning clients, where children and pets may benefit from a more eco-friendly cleaning approach.

If you are interested in commercial cleaning services from a cleaning firm at the forefront of modern commercial cleaning trends, contact Nancie Brown & Associates today.