Summer Cleaning Your Home – It’s Not The Lazy Days of Summer

Spring is not the only season when you can take advantage of detail cleaning and reorganization projects. Summer is the perfect time for just that sort of residential cleaning. Summer can be bursting with excitement for some of us, as we feel rejuvenated at the thought of vacations from school and or work, imagine days at the beach or at a mountain get-away. Maximize that sense of summer freedom and enthusiasm and apply it to custom home cleaning and getting your house in order.  There are various items that you can oversee during a summer cleanup.

Summer Residential Cleaning

The warm weather of summer presents opportunities to clean and reorganize so that you’re home runs smoothly, and you’re prepared for the seasons to come.

First Aid: Go through medicine cabinets and clear out old prescriptions and over the counter medications that have expired.  Often times winter illnesses accumulate lots of cold and flu preparations that are empty or expired. At the same time, make sure you have summer first aid remedies on hand like bug spray, Calamine lotion, allergy medications, bee sting kits, and topical creams suited for outdoor activities.

Outside The Home: If you have a swimming pool, make sure that your pool equipment is functioning properly. Prepare your yard area for greater activity and clean your garden or patio furniture, BBQ, or backyard kitchen.  Make sure to inspect under and around all of the eaves for insect nests or ant infestations as well. And give that lawnmower a once over too.

Off Season Discounts: Keep in mind that winter maintenance may be offered at a discount over the summer. Service experts for heating systems and fireplaces for instance are easily available in the summer to check, clean and repair these systems in preparation for winter use.

Organize for Safety: If you intend to leave town on vacation, have you made thorough preparation? Do you have organized lists, files, or spreadsheets containing all of your personal contacts and emergency contacts? Are you in touch with trusted friends and family to look after your residence while your gone?  Have you prepared extra sets of keys, and do you have your important documents safely secured?

Residential Cleaning Service for Summer Cleaning

A professional residential cleaning service like Nancie Brown & Associates can make summer cleaning a breeze, especially some of the heavier outdoor chores.


Cleaning Window and Door Tracks

Cleaning Windows and Screens

Cleaning Gutters and Exterior Light Fixtures

Cleaning Gates and Garage Doors

Cleaning Statues and Fountains


There is no limit to the custom residential cleaning services that Nancie Brown cleaning experts can deliver. Call them today and make those lazy days of summer productive with one easy consultation.


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