Upscale Residential Cleaning Service in Beverly Hills
Nancie Brown & Associates, Inc. is an upscale residential cleaning service in Beverly Hills and surrounding communities.  With over 25 years of experience in the residential cleaning industry, Nancie Brown’s crews clean with know-how, thoroughness, and care.  Whether your Beverly Hills home needs a deep cleaning, a seasonal cleaning, or a spot cleaning, Nancie Brown & Associates has the experts to do the job, with an English speaking supervisor on site and reporting to you.  Nancie Brown has a large menu of residential cleaning services from which to choose and they will customize a solution that works for your residential cleaning needs at any time.
Residential Estate Cleaning Services
No matter what size your Beverly Hills home, Nancie Brown will clean it to perfection. Every element in your home will be cleaned to a sparkling shine.  If you have an estate home, Nancie Brown’s expert crews have the knowledge to take special care with chandeliers, spiral staircases, fine woodworking, and collectables.  All of their cleaning professionals are well trained on the care and handling of precious materials like granite, marble, stainless steel, stonework, specialty glass, brass, copper, and other fine finishes.
  •  Interior and exterior detail cleaning
  • Seasonal and special event detail cleaning
  • Chandeliers and high, hard to reach areas
  •  Surface polishing and maintenance of fine, delicate metals, marble and stone
  • Complete home sanitizing
  • Outdoor kitchen detail cleaning
  •  Home gym deep cleaning
  •  Exterior gates, lights, statues, and fixtures
  • Windows, doors, frames, screens and tracks
It’s Nancie Brown in Beverly Hills
Residents of Beverly Hills and surrounding areas trust Nancie Brown & Associates with all of their residential cleaning needs, from top to bottom.  Nancie Brown’s residential cleaning crews are long- term employees, those cleaning professionals who are thoroughly trained and experienced to deliver the best, most gentle results in your home.  There’s never any mystery  about who cleans your home with a Nance Brown team; and they are always prompt, courteous and careful.  Nancie Brown & Associates are the most trustworthy in the industry which is why designers, decorators, architects, and CEOs call upon them first for all of their residential cleaning service needs.
Contact Nancie Brown today and partner with this upscale residential cleaning service.  You can trust them in your home, and trust that they will perform their residential cleaning services in a serious and careful manner, always respectful of your home’s fine finishes.